Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Professionalism:  The competence or skill expected of a professional

  • “the key to quality and efficiency is professionalism”
    • the practicing of an activity, especially a sport, by professional rather than amateur players.
      “the trend toward professionalism”

How many times have you had to choose quality over quantity? many times i suppose, we all do on a daily basis. weather, you are purchasing a new television, car, house, clothes etc… Have you ever questioned your self or lived the experience if “quality over quantity” applies in the entertainment field.

Yes! its called professionalism. Many people save for years to prepare for a unique event, spend their savings on a nice reception hall, beautiful wedding dress, delicious and eye catching wedding cake, even a professional photographer to capture those special moments.

What about the DJ? Yes, that one individual that sits behinds the booth or table catering to your guest the entire evening. Many people believe that a DJ will always be professional and will provide you with top of the line equipment or professionalism.

Here is a funny skit made by bunndjcompany . The simple difference between a Professional and an Amateur.  

Below you will find my personal list of recommendations when looking for a professional.

DJ YOKA’s Recommendations: 

  • A DJ worthy of your event should have an established business.
  • Ensure that the DJ is registered with a DJ association or DJ membership.
  • Review the website for comments of recent customers.
  • DJ should be able to meet with you to discuss details of your event. 
  • Ask about the quality of his equipment
  • Is the DJ able to dress formally? 
  • Ask if you can have a quick peek at their upcoming event. 
  • Ask if they have any videos on Youtube or on their website of any events. 
  • Ask if they have a wedding or event before or after yours. 
  • Is the DJ flexible to be interactive with crowd or just play music per request.
  • Does the DJ have back up equipment: Speakers, Mixer, Computer, Music ETC. 
  • What is their refund policy.
  • Do they have a contract?
  • How long has he been in the business? 
  • Does he have a back up DJ and can you meet him as well?

There are so many other questions that can be asked, these are just a few… 

At ArsonEnt, we’ll be more than glad to meet your demands and event needs. Contact us for more information 281-226-0858 or email us at @

Mi Quinceañera Houston

Thursday, August 6th, 2015


How is everyone doing? Guess what? we have a new domain!!

Mi Quinceañera Houston

Mi Quinceañera Houston

Our new domain points to the existing domain As a follower you may ask yourself, why we created a new domain that would point to the same existing site?

So to answer that question ; This is an attempt for us to grow and have more web visibility in the Houston, TX area.  We want to bring our Houston fans closer to what we do as well as inform, that we don’t just cater to weddings, corporate events, karaoke parties or private parties. 

Yes! We have a great amount of experience in Quinceañeras. We started working in the Latin community for the first years of our company.

Jamine Brianna XV (7/2015)

Jamine Brianna XV (7/2015)

Arson Entertainment owned by Rolando Huitron (Deejay and MC) for all multicultural events has made the decision to expand the company and if necessary change our image and brand.

Mi Quinceañera is your new resource to link up with vendors of other services; such as, Event Planners, Decorators, Bakery’s, Caterers, Bartenders, Photographers, Video, Limo Services and Much more!.

 Somos Bilingues, Somos Latinos! Tenemos Todo para tu proximo evento. No lo pienses, Dejanos hacer una pequeña demostracion de nuestros servicios.

Quinceañera Expo

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

It’s about that time already! Go ahead and start planning make sure you visit the Quinceañera Expo. We will beat any Price!  

Ya es hora de prepararse para la temporada de Quinceañera Expo aqui en nuestra bella ciudad de Houston, TX. Aqui les voy a brindar un poco de ayuda para que se preparen a estos dos eventos muy importantes.

Son dos Expo’s de Quinceañera donde podras comparar varios servicios para tu dia especial. Desde DJ hasta comida, arreglos, salones,  y mucho mucho mas. Te la vas a pasar muy bien y tendras una mejor idea de que es en verdad una Quinceañera aqui en Houston y como se lleva a acabo el evento.

Mis 7 Consejos:

  • Todo profesional te podra servir como guia, si no te ayuda busca a otro.
  • Nosotros siempre estamos aqui para ti y solo para ti.
  • No te preocupes habra mucho de donde elegir para tu quince.
  • Llega temprano porque habra muchos con quien platicar.
  • Visita a todas las casillas.
  • Deja que te escuchen y dile’s lo que tu quieres no lo que ellos te quieren vender.
  • Es como un lote de carro, todos quieren vender. Pero no todos te daran el mejor servicio.

Un consejo a todos mis amigos, muchas veces lo barato sale caro. Y lo caro muchas la apariencia engaña.

Si estas buscando a un DJ en Houston con el mejor show de luces y servicio a el consumidor no le pienses mucho. Marcame y hablamos para que notes la diferencia.


We will beat the price that you find on any of these Expo’s! Give us a call!. 


Expo 2015

Arson Entertainment

Quinceañera Magazine

Date: Aug 16, 2015
Time: 12:00 pm

Houston tickets at the door are only $10 per person kids under 5 are free

ONE NRG Park (Center)
Houston, TX 77054

(210) 781.6377





Weddings and Quinceañera

Expo 2015

Wedding & Quinceañeras Expo 2015


more than 1,500 brides and quinceaneras in the same place.

The Best Expo Show in Houston! Fashion Shows, Fabulous Prizes, Live Music and more…

Date: August 2nd

Time: 12 pm to 6 pm

Cover: $10

Location: George R. Brown Convention Center Hall A.


Yo te dare el tiempo que te mereces, no dejes que nadie te haga sentir menos en tu dia tan especial  281-226-0858

Give us a call and remember, don’t be fooled by price and appearances. We will give you what you deserve time, quality and top of the line service. 281-226-0858

Htown Limo Bus

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

As we continue to grow, we will be featuring services that we feel are best for our customers. Go ahead and click on the link below to check out Htown Limo Bus. Great Service! Great Prices! Outstanding Customer Service! click here to find our reference.

Homecoming/ Prom

Arrive in the style and safety that a party bus affords, all the while making your child’s special day even brighter. Nothing grants you more ease of mind than knowing that your child is being driven by a state licensed professional chauffeur!


You have worked so hard, putting together the event of your lifetime, allow us to take you to and from with ease. No need to worry about traffic or routes, our Professional Chauffeurs are fully equipped and experienced for that job. Sit back- relax, enjoy a glass of champagne and let all stress roll away, we will provide you and your guests comfortable, luxurious transportation.

Concerts/ Sporting Events

Grab a beer and enjoy the ride, no need to fret about overcrowded too distant parking, allow us to transport you in style, convenience and safety!

Cotillion/ Debutante Balls

You are the star of the show- so why arrive in an ordinary vehicle? Make a true entrance in one of our fabulous party buses.

Birthday/Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party

So it is your night right, and you want to let your hair down and let loose but how do you convince one of your nearest and dearest to be the designated driver? You don’t, you call us and allow us to take on that task! We are waiting to hear from you!

Let them know that Rolando Huitron from Arson Entertainment sent you.

Htown Limo Bus

HTown Limo Bus


Phone: 713-487-5442 |


Party Buses Houston


Wednesday, July 1st, 2015
Mis Quince Años


How are you all doing! Today as I prepared for an event mid of this month, I came accross a very interesting article by   she is the founder of The name of the article is Quinceañera Traditions and Elements it explains in a very simple form the meaning of every piece of tradition that make up that special day when a young lady is welcomed into womanhood “Traditionally” in our Latin culture.


We’ve always talked about these articles with our customers and at times i always wondered why such things were done and what was the meaning behind them. Now thanks to Hilda’s article I can actually answer some questions regarding the tradition and elements that happen during a Quinceñera’s reception.

Go ahead and take a look to see some of these bullet points.

    • The last doll represents the last toy the Quinceañera will play with. During the Quinceañera reception, the Quinceañera gives the last doll to a younger female sibling or member of her family.
    • Symbolic of the Quinceañera coming of age, the Quinceañera changing of the slippers represents her going from wearing flats to wearing her first pair of high heels. During the Quinceañera reception, the Quinceañeras dad does the honor of changing his daughter’s shoes.
    • Typically done immediately after the Quinceañera changing of the slippers, the father daughter dance is the first dance the Quinceañera shares with her dad as a young lady.
    • This element marks the Quinceañeras official presentation to her community as a young lady, and is typically done with the Quinceañera and her court.
    • During the Quinceañera surprise dance the Quince girl and her court perform a choreographed dance number as entertainment for the guests. Although it’s not a traditional Quinceañera element, it is one of the most popular parts of the celebration.
    • This keepsake guest book is placed on a table at the entrance of the Quinceañera reception and allows each of her guests to write a personal note to the Quince girl.
    • The Quinceañera’s parents propose a toast in honor of their daughter, sharing a few words of encouragement for her. Immediately after, the Quinceañera then makes a toast in appreciation of her guests, her parents, and of the celebration.
    • Are used during the Quinceañera toast and are almost always engraved with the Quinceañeras name and date of celebration. They are also decorated to match the colors and theme of the celebration.
    • These are used during the cake and are also almost always engraved with the Quinceañera’s name and date of celebration. They are also decorated to match the

Here is the Full link to Hilda Gabriela’s Article:

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