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Sound Equipment:

Every sound and light system supplied by Arson Ent. is run via computer. It is a key element in delivering the highest quality mobile sound available. Each computer is equipped with a power conditioner, equalizer, sound processor, and a DJ sound card. The rest of the system is tailored to your event needs.

We have sound systems to fit occasions of all sizes. We can provide extremely large sound systems for college dances, conventions, large corporate events, etc. or we can provide systems so small that they are hardly noticeable – visually. The size of the system will depend on each events needs.


Light Equipment:

Lighting-effects are as important ingredient for setting a dancing mood as the sound equipment. They help transition an event from a laid-back cocktail or dinner environment into a fun and lively dance party. Our LED fixtures color change to the beat of the music in a variety of patterns and infinite color shades. We consider the size of the room, size of your dance floor, height of your ceiling, and number of guests when we choose the proper amount of lighting to compliment your room and dance floor